Sonya N. Davis

Sonya Davis Sonya Davis is an accomplished beauty industry expert, author, speaker and leading image consultant. She trains and “EMPOWERS” families worldwide on how to enhance their lives mentally, physically, spiritually and financially. As an international best selling author, paralegal and spiritual ambassador, she uses her god given talents to help others achieve their goals.

Discover her authentic lessons through her #1 International Best Selling Book Success In Beauty: The Secrets To Confidently Following Your Dreams Effortlessly, New Hope Horizon Baptist Church where she co-pastors and her signature Beaut Lifestyle Women Retreats. Contact her today to Claim your FREE “Reinvent Your Lifestyle” membership guaranteed to help you create a total life change.



  1. Success In Beauty is a great book for women of all ages. I just reviewed a small section of this book on Amazon and I was impressed as a business owner / entrepreneur on how this book will empower and encourage women of all ages to go after their dream. Guys you must buy this book for your wife / daughter/ sisters .

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