When asked by my women clients how I got to where I am at today in my life and business, I said “You have to make up your mind, what you want. You have to make up your mind, what you are prepared to give up getting it. You have to set your priorities, and then take massive action.” Coming from a single mom who started working as a corporate beauty salon hair stylist, and was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, I ended up creating what I want in life by becoming an entrepreneurial woman. These words are something to be seriously taken note of.

When I asked the beautiful and authentic women in Success In Beauty: The Secrets To Confidently Following Your Dreams Effortlessly what did they do to confidently follow their dreams, I was very surprised at what they shared with me. So much that I was destined to get this message out to all the women in the world.

Success In Beauty: The Secrets To Confidently Following Your Dreams Effortlessly” will help you break through all barriers and fixed notions you have about confidently following your dreams and passions in life and guide you on how to move forward with creating a life you want.

Confident women are successful. They stick it out until they get what they want. This is because they confidently believe in their goals and their own ability. If you are reading this now, you are aware that a lack of confidence has seriously held you back in achieving your most important goals in your life. It is time you put an end to you lack of self-belief.

You don’t want to be shy and quiet when the women in the world around you are confident and full of life, do you? So, fight the fear and get what you want – FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS WITH CONFIDENCE!

The Persevering kind!!

To your success,

Charlotte Howard
Award-Winning Transformational Lifestyle Coach, #1 International Best Selling Author, Talk Show Host and Publisher

Theresa Broadnax Ms. Howard you have done it again, I love the sample read great Foreword message and Angela’s chapter is such a perfect intro chapter she draws you in with sincerity & compassion with such a personal story. Again bravo to you and all of us.

This has been a amazingly wonderful experience and something I’ve been wanting & planning to do (and been asked to do) but didn’t feel the project that I was approached with was right for me. So again thank you so much for extending this opportunity to be apart of this book project and I hope there will be more projects to come. Can’t wait to meet you & all the ladies in person at some point. Stay Blessed!
Theresa Broadnax, Emmy Award winning Hair Stylist and Fashion Stylist Hollywood

CHristine“A must-read for any woman who wants to create a life she loves. This has given me the confidence that I need to embrace the gifts that God has given me and share them with others.” –Christine Taylor

Sharae“While in the midst of being everything to everybody, I read an excerpt from this book and it immediately shifted my focus from feeling sorry for myself and my current challenges to motivating me to stay on the path I set a year or so ago when I lost several young mentors in my life. I would hand this to any woman, especially one just stepping into the real world of adulthood.” – Sherae

Bonnie BonadeoA good book always has a beginning middle and end and through hardships, tough lessons learned we realize that as humans we are a lot more alike than we are different, but sometimes afraid to share in the likeness, “Success in Beauty, The Secrets to Confidently Following Your Dreams Effortlessly” is full of vulnerability in how much alike we are no matter what our experiences of our past or upbringing are, you will read and feel that the shared compassion is what we all need to fulfill our dreams.
Bonnie Bonadeo Speaker | Trainer | Coach | Consultant | Author | Radio Host

Angela Stacker James“Thank you so much for the words of inspiration in this book. The vulnerabilities revealed by the authors and their realness made me feel so connected with their stories. I feel free to let go of the things that were holding me back and take a stand for myself and my life.“Success In Beauty: The Secrets To Confidently Following Your Dreams Effortlessly” is the real deal.”-Angela Stacker James visionary change agent, mentor, facilitator, speaker, intuitive consultant and energy healer

Karen FinocchioIn the chapter “Becoming An Overcomer”, Sharon Nicholas openly, candidly and sincerely shares her personal life struggles with love and compassion. She earmarks with passion and sadness the intimate details of her father’s sudden death and points out with intense and loving remembrance her Mother’s strife to hold the young family together.

Sharon walks us through her own life’s lessons that include growing up at the poverty level and fighting to succeed. She informally provides us with insightful tools and prose to help guide us through our own lives by using her experiences and determination to overcome life’s sudden changes.

I thoroughly enjoyed peeking through the window of Sharon’s past life, while gathering the pearls of wisdom she scatters for all to use. I am thankful to Sharon for her true enlightenment and I am positive anyone reading her contribution will be as well.-Karen Finocchio, One Tough Muther

Kristi Shanon-BrooksThe author’s success is living proof women can come back from adversity stronger than ever! Instead of becoming bitter and allowing the extremely negative circumstances in her life bring her down, she made a conscious decision to grow and learn through it; focusing on being the very best she can be. Her determination is truly inspiring and sends an empowering message to women everywhere. –Kristi Shannon-Brooks,CEO/Founder, KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics

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