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Success In BeautySuccess in Beauty: The Secrets to Confidently Following Your Dreams Effortlessly is a revolutionary book written by a variety of women about how to confidently follow your dreams with little to no effort at all!

This book has no shortage of vital information about how you as a woman can confidently follow your dreams, pursue your passions and create the life you want. Howard’s mission with this book is to empower the next generation of women to confidently follow their dreams effortlessly. For over a decade she has empowered thousands of women of all ages through her mentorship programs, talk radio show and books!

Within the pages of Success in Beauty: The Secrets to Confidently Following Your Dreams Effortlessly she reveals to you proven strategies for confidently following your dreams effortlessly by joining forces with some of the most brilliant women in the world.

Howard is a single mom of four beautiful children, and through her life journeys she came to fully understand the personal challenges women faced on a daily basis with confidently following their dreams effortlessly. She also realized that women needed additional training in purpose, passion and dream building strategies

Sharon NicholasCharlotte Howard has done it once again with Success In Beauty the 2nd Edition!!!!

Charlotte is known for gathering the most remarkable women within the pages of her publications. A collection of powerful, sincere and experienced women who boldly open their lives to the world. All who authentically share their personal stories sparking fire in hearts of readers.

This extraordinary book motivates women compassionately and powerfully. These are extraordinary women many who are survivors sharing their experiences, knowledge and wisdom from living. Success In Beauty 2nd Edition provides a roadmap to living your dreams effortlessly. –Sharon Nicholas wife, mother, author, women’s mentor and global thought leader

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