Charlotte Howard

Charlotte Howard Charlotte Howard is a world renowned beauty salon marketing expert, author, speaker and eCommerce leader. She trains and “MENTORS” families worldwide on how to create FULFILLMENT and HAPPINESS in their lives.

As an elite 46x’s international best selling publisher and award-winning hair artist, she uses inner and outer grandeur beauty strategies as a foundation for empowering families to create success in all areas of their lives. She has been featured on ABC News 4, Live 5 News and many other media outlets throughout the U.S and abroad.

Many lessons can be discovered through her #1 International Best-Selling book series Success In Beauty, Hair Stylist Riches, Success & Beauty Talk and her signature Beaut Lifestyle Women Retreats. Contact her today at 803-414-2117 or to Claim your FREE “Create This Not That” membership guaranteed to help you enhance yourself, life and business.


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