Bonnie Bonadeo

Bonnie BonadeoBonnie Bonadeo, Connecting YOU to YOU! President and Founder of Arakara LLC, The Beauty Agents™, Speaker Bureau and Education Company, Beauty Goorus™ Coaching & Consulting as well as Co-founder of Naked Audience Productions™ Training Academy, Bonnie has been a speaker trainer, trained other speakers and trainers for over 20 years.

Her skills in speaking, influence and communications quickly led her to positions in sales, marketing and education working for some notable manufacturers and distributors, and eventually positioned herself to producing, directing, facilitating and speaking at corporate events, programs and seminars from 25 to 25,000 attendees in various topics. As an Emotional Intelligence Speaker and Leadership Trainer she specializing in all levels of coaching, consulting, leadership, branding and sales topics in all industries but made a name for herself in the health, beauty and wellness industries.

She has presenting and trained thousands of people to be better leaders, managers, speakers and sales people with her knowledge of human dynamics, soft skills to include compassion and empathy but more importantly helping others to uncover and discover their true selves and how to lead from their authentic brand. Bonnie’s brand is connection and she speaks on her struggles and successes as a leader and entrepreneur to foster growth and awareness in others. She is all about “Connecting YOU to YOU”.

Bonnie has PR mentions in Cosmopolitan, Oprah’s O Magazine and New York Times, Forbes and has graced the cover of Salon Today 2013 Enterprising Women issue and well as many other trade journals. She is considered the go-to expert in all facets of the beauty industry and is an International Best Selling Co-author of her book, “Success in Beauty, The Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment and Happiness”. Bonnie has acquired Certifications in Emotional Intelligence Leadership (EI-IHHP), Business Management and Entrepreneurship from USC, Bonnie lives in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona with her 16 year old son Devin, her dog Lille and her extended family.


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